Marketing needs to change…

… well, somewhat change…

Check out some of the promotions emails I received just yesterday…

Today only: Free Scrivener Masterclass for ProWritingAid users

3 concepts you must MASTER to grow your business the way I did!

Your $1K/mo “Money-Page”

How did you fix low conversion?

Sunil, in case you need help with design here’s 90% off

The one thing all successful visionaries have in common…

Get Full Body Checkup at 70% Off. Limited Period Offer!

Don’t want you to miss out

A weird pic of my brain experiment (+ a free training)

Saying Hi + Special Offer!

Have you seen my marbles?

Reveal Your Mystery Offer Inside!

Free* Holiday to Paris. Experience of a lifetime!

Great headlines, right? But what happens next? I’ll click on the email, read the enticing copy and click on the call-to-action button. And then I’m taken to a landing page that asks me to share my email address for exciting offers or to access the cool video that’ll unveil the tricks that I so much need to get ahead in life.

Sounds familiar?

I’ll be honest, none of what I mentioned above is bad. In fact, that’s the standard top/middle-of-the-funnel strategy. The problem is that the process has become so predictable that consumers like me are getting bored. Seriously. There’s no excitement to the process and we know what to expect.

And the worst part is this — there’s absolutely no added value to my experience as a potential client. If only marketers would see me more than a metric, more than a lead and definitely more than someone who can be enticed. Could it be that we’re all missing the point? Leveraging technology has as much to do with “reach” as it is to do with “creating value.” The latter isn’t optional but the only go-to option among the two.

In fact, you’re more likely to get your true customers if you simply focus on creating value instead of “reach,” impressions and SEO. I’m not saying they’re not important, they are. What’s more important is building a solid foundation on something that’s inherently more valuable than just the metrics you’re obsessed with.

Blasting your email list with “enticing” headlines, compelling messages will only take you so far. You have to start thinking beyond these superficial methods. You have to think long-term and create value because that’s where your true fans are.

The biggest risk any small and medium-sized business faces today is being spammed out of their marketing efforts. Don’t be dumb. Think value. Numbers can wait.


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