Building stronger relationships… one day at a time

Last evening was quite productive. Got a bunch of important things done. Working out of a coffee shop is always a good idea on a Saturday evening, particularly if you have everything planned. It sure did work for me.

On my way out of the mall (this Starbucks was inside it), I noticed this gentleman have a conversation with the Helpdesk Assistant… and he looked familiar. Instead of getting onto the elevator, I stopped, backtracked and walked up to the Helpdesk. The assistant looked up at me, I smiled and then looked at the familiar face. It was my classmate from 16 years ago!

We recognized and greeted each other. He asked if I’ve “got time to grab a cup of coffee.” I said, “Sure!” (Hey, listen, I’m game for a cup of coffee anytime… and there’s no freaking way I’ll say no to an offer made by one of my best friends from my high school days!) And we dove right into the memory lane. It was just beautiful!

It’s funny how friends can just start things from where they’d left off… there’s no hesitation, preparation or even shame! I find that magical since I don’t expect anything like that from my other friends. Definitely not from my family members. (They would’ve ostracized me!)

Wishing every relationship works out like that is being idiotic. But hoping that we’re more “in-the-moment” when it comes to our most treasured relationships is more practical. Too often we miss out of the small things, hoping to make it up with the big things. But the small things matter. A lot.

I guess relationships thrive on the Law of Consistency as well. Inch by inch. One day at a time until it becomes a habit. That’s what makes relationships stronger. And for the massive gaps (like the one between me and my friend) we can always start right now.

And if you’re short on time (like me), know that there’s only one life to live. So make the most of it. You need to carve out time for the relationships you care about the most. Again, one day at a time. That’s a great start.

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