Sometimes… it’s not just the boss..

But you! Or worse — the whole damn team!

If this is hard to digest then you have to just suck it up. The reality is this: you’re not holier than them. Because all you’ve done is talk about the problem. And let’s face it — talking doesn’t require a degree. Bitching about issues doesn’t make you an expert either.

Sometimes all it takes is a little courage to constructively feed-it-forward to your boss, the management or the c-suite. Sure, you may get fired but that’ll be so much better than smouldering in frustration. You’ll have to deal with the darn thing with either way. You’re better off going down as someone bold enough to speak his/her mind.

You’ve got a family and a $100,000 in debt? Deal with it. Just like you’ve been dealing with a trashy company culture for such a long time. The good news is that you’re so much in control with the former than the latter.

If that sounds brash and aggressive, good! It’s intentional. Because I’m quite flustered listening to people whining, complaining and bitching about their workplace, the culture or their bosses. It honestly doesn’t make any sense. You clearly have an option to do something about what you’re going through!

And yes, let’s not forget this — your job when you convey feedback that’s forward looking. Let’s not dig up the past. If your heart is in the right place, your suggestions will have a positive affect on your leader’s behaviour.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve observed is that we think we’re better than our bosses. That attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere. And yes, you’re entitled to nothing! If you’re a millennial… etch that into your memory.

The ranks and positions would come as you mature into your roles and responsibilities. Just keep doing good work. If possible, stay away form folks who ask you to “work smarter instead of harder.”

And of course, even then you’re probably not going to make it. Especially if you won’t even bother to try. If you do… heads would roll.

I firmly believe there isn’t a single challenge in the world that cannot be resolved with good ole’ communication. Not the kind everyone seems to be doing these days… the one that deeply connects with the other person. And assure then that you care.

Make it matter. Go. Go. Go!

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