Sleepless… (or perhaps losing my mind) in a train

I wasn’t keen on attending this family function… but it’s hard to say no to relatives. And here I am — in a train! Trying to focus… for the past 12 hours. Not exactly successful.

The problem? I’m missing work. Connectivity. And perhaps the comfort of my home or my favourite coffee shop. As usual, I did make bold plans to spend the 22-hour train journey. Loads of “deep work” planned… but that was a stupid idea, really.

It’s hard to freaking read here! Let alone do some thinking and write. All I’ve been able to do is sulk (like an older version of my father, who’s sitting right in front of me as I hammer this post out on my phone), take a short nap four times and read 10 pages over two hours! It’s horrendous.

My wife feels I should just relax! I’m already making plans to shorten this trip by two days… somehow. I still haven’t figured out the logistics. I sure will. I think.

But till the time I’m through scheming this escape plan I need to stay in the moment and be realistic about what I want to achieve over the next three days. One great learning that I’ve had is this — traveling alone and with family are two different things.

The former is more productive… or perhaps that’s how a chronic workaholic would look at things.

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