Change the status quo… or not

I know you and I are not alike. Burst some point in life we wanted to change the world. Challenge the status quo. We wanted to break the rules and create our own for a better future. A better life.

And then I guess we got bored and moved on to pursue the average things in life. Not that anything’s wrong with that, but could it be that we gave up too soon? I sure did. Chances are you did too!

One of the greatest revelations that I’ve had in life is that we don’t have to change the world to experience change. We can simply focus on changing “our world.” And that could mean changing ourselves, our families, communities, the smaller sections of the departments of the companies that we work for and so on and so forth.

Serving a smaller crowd, in my opinion, is more doable, measurable, and definitely scalable. You change their world and you’ve created more impact than what would’ve had you simply stuck to your magnanimous vision. If you know me, you should know I’m big on the practical aspects of achieving organizational (including single-persons organizations like you!) goals and vision.

And the best part is that there are less moving parts — you serve with the single-minded devotion to serving wholeheartedly.

Change with follow course. Just be wise whilst choosing the world you want to change.


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