In the startup world, Pivot usually means a massive fuck-up! And I’ve had many over my long career spanning 16 plus years. Guess what? That’s not going to stop me from making more pivots in future. I’m convinced that “pivots” are inevitable. You just need to stay ready for them. If this sounds crazy, you… Read More

12 rules of life

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life is a fascinating read. Just that I haven’t been able to get to it yet. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop me from hearing about him from his admirers (or even himself!) so much so that I think I may have solid insights on what the book’s all about. Blame podcasts… Read More

Plan ahead

Found this super-cool acrostic for a framework that can (almost) immediately help leaders create positive and lasting change. PLAN AHEAD P: Predetermine the change that is needed. L: Lay out your steps. A: Adjust your priorities. N: Notify key people.   A: Allow time for acceptance. H: Head into action. E: Expect problems. A: Always… Read More

Corporate warrior

Been ruminating about a program that offers the perfect blend of coaching for busy executives. And by blend I mean a program that holistically focuses on coaching for change and peak performance on the inside (your mind) and outside (your body). I’m fascinated by the level of misinformation among executives who want to change the… Read More

Don’t be a “shoulda-head”

Was scrolling through my “promotional” emails (thanks, Gmail! Are you even listening?) this afternoon before bumping into this nugget by Brain Johnson from Optimize. Here’s a snippet: He (Rory Vaden) says: “I believe it is that 1 degree that is the minuscule, almost unnoticeable, nearly invisible, yet the tantamount difference between choosing an attitude that… Read More