Leaders never stop growing

Been mulling over John Maxwell’s laws from the book 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. They’re so powerful and so universal… that we simply choose to ignore them!

The premise is super-simple — leaders always have more scope to grow. But most leaders simply stop to grow after a certain point in time. Unlike the limitations imposed on our physical growth by biology, our growth as a leader is totally in our control. The only limitation is the one that we impose.

Three of the 15 laws validate that claim:

  1. The Law of Intentionality: Growth Doesn’t Just Happen. You have to work for it! You can age well but to grow your potential you need to set aside your beliefs of failure (fearing failure that is) and the “right time.” Failures are part of life and cannot be escaped. In fact, failures are the stepping stones for growth. Likewise, there’s no such thing as the right time. Time is a resource and is scarce. Make the most of the time that you have right now. And if you want to grow, that would mean doing something that will take you a step towards your personal development goals.
  2. The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself. If it works for me doesn’t mean it would work for you. I’ve said this time and again, a template isn’t and cannot ever become a blueprint. Everyone who claims to sell you a blueprint is ripping you off. It could be that person’s blueprint for success but for you, it’s just a template. You have to make it your own — by tweaking it to your strengths and adapting it to your weaknesses to transform it into your unique blueprint. And that means knowing yourself through and through. Know what works for you — your energy levels, learning style, your purpose in life and most importantly your vision. That’s how you build a blueprint that will help you get the right skill set to succeed.
  3. The Law of Consistency: Motivation Gets You Going, Discipline Keeps You Growing. I’ve covered this in detail previously, but it’s worth repeating. There will be times when you won’t have it in you to keep going. Expect that. But you have to create systems in place to ensure that you have no choice but to follow the steps to get you moving. The system will help you develop the discipline, which will, in turn, allow you to follow the system. It’s interdependent. That’s what it takes to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals and vision with consistency and focus.

Growth is a deliberate process, not a default occurrence. It’s something YOU design. Reflect on this and do something about it. Remember, a small push can create a domino effect. Make the most of the momentum!

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