Stop sowing, let the seeds reap

I’m all set to take off to South Korea. For yet another training and development program. This time in powerlifting/strength training. I’d been eager to sign up for this until I really did a couple of weeks back.

Needless to say, I’m stoked! Really looking forward to learning a lot and apply to my business.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before, but I’m building a company that solely focuses on leadership development and executive coaching. I honestly wish I could figure out a way to squeeze in strength training and powerlifting in the mix but haven’t been able to do that. Yet. But then, it’s not really required. I surely have other avenues (such as this blog, a part of which can seriously focus on the “muscle and strength” side of things) to explore.

2018 has been heavy on investments. Particularly on upskilling (more like reskilling for certifications and other relevant credentials) so that I’m all set, locked and loaded to focus on my online businesses. So, not a lot of movement as far as finances are concerned but I’m committed to getting to a stable place by the end of this year.

Just last evening I was having a conversation with one of my dear friends who casually mentioned, “You’ve sowed enough seeds, Sunil! Now it’s time for you to give the seeds some room to grow. Let them reap.” Contextually, it made a lot of sense. Right now, fiscally I’m simply losing money. A lot of it! And I’m clinging onto the hope that I’ll recover all that in a few months’ time — which is true, but then where would I draw the line?

That’s been the biggest question. And the answer’s pretty simple — just like the other things I’ve de-coded for myself and you. Just do!

I’ve resolved to make things happen.

There’ll be some changes over the course of next few weeks. This blog will be tied to a new domain (I’m yet to figure out what, but I get the feeling that the .blog extension has unnecessary implications. And I don’t want to sandbox myself or my business. Besides, I’m paying a premium for the domain, which honestly I can live without.). While I’ll continue to blog daily, I plan to introduce new sections (or pages) for people keen to get coaching on the strength/fitness/powerlifting side of things.

There’s a possibility that I might introduce my leadership development and executive coaching services as well. But that’s in the future and I’m not really clear on whether to launch my “corporate” services from this site or my company’s (Polymathea Consulting, the website is under development. Don’t bother checking. ;-)) site. It’s a no-brainer but there’s no harm in considering.

Simple — that’ll be my overall approach to things. I don’t want a killer-looking (ominous?) website to get the business up and running. I don’t need other bells and whistles to run a decent business. What I need to do is this — just DO!

See you on the other side! Speaking of which, I’ll be posting some of my learnings from the seminar over the next 10 days. Please do bear with me if that’s not your thing. And if you have share those posts if your loved ones that’ll be great!

Thanks for all your support! I couldn’t have done any of this without you.


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