Dazed and confused

One of the first things I looked for after reaching Incheon (Seoul) was a Starbucks. And I found it… not just one, but many sprawled across the city.

It truly is one of the most stunning places I’ve visited in recent years. I’m just inspired and awestruck each time I get to another corner of the city.

For the past five and a half hours I’ve also been trying (my best) to adapt to a “gap” that I never anticipated. Language and food.

I am unable to understand the menu right off the bat (most aren’t in English and google translate isn’t perfect yet) and asking the staff to explain is a bigger challenge — most don’t speak English and the ones who do aren’t able to articulate well.

I’m wondering how effectively would I be able to communicate and commute within the city. My dialogue with a bus driver was near comical — I just wanted to explain that I’m not carrying a card but can pay him cash. And then had to look for someone who speaks English to translate my message. Now, that’s a new experience for anyone for whom English is the second language!

But hey, despite the “stranger in a strange land” feeling, it’s just been a few hours… I’m yet to explore the city, the culture and the people here. From what I’ve experienced so far… I think I’m in for something even bigger. Only time will tell.

Right now, I’m all set to doze off in The Capsule Hotel until dawn tomorrow. It’s going to be a big day!

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