And I thought this would be easy?

My mind’s busting with numbers, calculations, terminologies, and whatnot. So much so that I can’t seem to blurt out one comprehensive word! Right this moment, I’m thinking about the volume distribution of a preparatory phase training program for a beginner. Need to design one too!

If that sounds complicated, believe me. It is! Now I wonder how the hell have thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe have built businesses just by selling training programs. Almost all of them aren’t even backed by science or data. They work because it worked for the trainer/instructor selling the program. I know CrossFitters, particularly the ones who compete, swear by their training program and how they love to write one for themselves and their friends (besides numbers, nutrition, and the CrossFit games, of course!). Never did I have a clue that writing a one month’s plan for a trainee/coachee (beginner/intermediate or a professional) is so darn complicated!

The best programs out there cannot be downloaded. Period. Why? Because they’re custom made to your lifestyle, strength levels, and abilities. The sad part is the so-called “experts” tell you this and rip you off by handing you a swaggerjacked template off the internet. From my estimate, it will take a coach at least 2-5 hours just to design a solid 8-week training program. Each rep is there for a reason. Each set is there for a reason. The random numbers (for repetitions) simply mean one thing — a lot of thought has gone into designing the program that you’re using.

With the newfound knowledge, I hope to serve masses with the right guidance. Something that’s quite missing in the online space. Again, it won’t be rocket science or game-changing. It’ll just be my little thing aiming to change lives — one program, one student at a time.

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