There’s always that choice to make

Bosses can be pain in the ass. In a good way — they help unleash your best version. Something you may never have done it yourself. And no, I’m not saying just because my boss my read it. It’s a fact.

Listen, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life (if being employed is the thing for you) whining about how bad or stupid your boss or whoever you report to is. But who are you going to tell? Your peers? I don’t think so. Your direct reports? Possibly. And guess how are they going to judge (and everyone judges, except coaches and mothers… well most coaches) you? As a measly messenger who’s got nothing to do but rant about his miseries.

Would they see you as a leader? Nope.

Loser? Yup.

Worthy? Nope.

What’s the point? This — do everything that you possibly can within your circle of influence and control. Because everything else is simply a waste of time.

If something doesn’t make sense, ask. If you still don’t get an answer, ask. If something disturbs you, tell them. If something doesn’t seem right, report it to them. If nothing seems to be working, you’ve got choices to make. And here’s the big one: what the one to three things that you have a solid grip on? Something that’ll potentially move the business further.

Chances are you’d be able to nail down on at least a couple of things to focus on. That’s a great start. Work your way up from there and see the magic happening.

In my experiences, bosses have a bias for action whether or not it moves in the direction of their thinking. The only measure of success if the bottom line.

If that’s taken care of, you made a great choice! And it’s all about our choices given the circumstances.

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