Everyone’s got a plan…

Until they get punched in the face. Love Mike Tyson for giving us a piece of his mind. And I quite expect him to. He’s been through it all it seems.

I quite relate to the aphorism in athletics. Powerlifting to be specific. We’ve got grandiose plans to max out every 12 weeks or perhaps just compete. Instead of bettering our previous record, we focus on smashing all the ones that exist! I know that feeling. And have done that myself…

This morning was the first day of the other seminar that I’d planned to attend in Seoul. Great start. Lots of learning. My body hasn’t been ever so tight (in a good way) like it was throughout the day. I’m sore all over. And my lower back’s aching like hell!

I tested for bench press strength… couldn’t make the weight. Which was expected. I haven’t been training benches and squats seriously for sometime. Am following a template and plan to create a custom program for myself before the second round of tests in the next six month. My goal is to earn this instructor’s-level certification before November 2018. Fingers crossed.

Right before the test I thought I’d break at least one record — my own PR. But when I weight came down on my chest… all those thoughts simply vanished. I couldn’t move. It was embarrassing to fail in front of 30 odd people. But fail I did.

One of the biggest learning I’ve had time after time is to stay ready. Instead of expecting great things, work towards those great things. Like they say, hoping isn’t really a great strategy for any significant change. I’d heard this Arnold Schwarzenegger reference twice this week, “nobody build muscles watching me workout.”

Likewise, I’d say plans are done a dozen what really needs our attention is the execution but. That’s the hardest part. But also the most important.

Unless you too want to get punched in the face.

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