You really can’t live until you’ve died a little…

That’s straight from DeadPool 2! Loved the movie and glad that DP was able to clean up the timelines too! (That’s another story!)

This line stuck out and I haven’t been able to shake it off of me. Heck, I’m pecking this post out on my way back home… before this vanishes into osmosis.

Back to the point: you’ve got to go through the grind to realise the importance of whatever you’re pursuing. Else, it’s just easy. And we don’t value anything that comes easy. Be it money, resources or even talent.

I’ve honestly never valued money. It came easy. I simply have to show up at work and do a good job. That’s it! At the end of the month, I got paid. And I still get paid. But, it’s different now. Because I realised the value of money when I didn’t have any. When I was out of work and the cash flow stopped. That was difficult.

The transformation was literally overnight, seemingly. I worked for a decade without valuing money to get to a point where I had to. That was a great lesson! That year (2012-13) gave me a lot of insights and valuable lessons that a full time MBA program wouldn’t ever match.

I got ripped off twice that year. But realised that the value of intellectual property and my rights for someone else using my IP when it was too late. Thankfully, I took it in stride.

They say, experience is everything. I partially disagree though that used to be my rant back in the heydays. “Evaluated” experience is everything. And for that, you have to go through the grind. Die a little and get a taste of how things are at the other end.

Of course, you can argue you don’t have to go through the whole thing. You can model the people who’ve done it all. And that’s a great idea. But other people (albeit successful) experiences are immensely useful to get a hang of the processes, the blueprints or templates. Someone would definitely have to do the work. And that’s got to be you!

There’s no way around dying a little. That’s how you evaluate life and gain experience.

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