Corporate warrior

Been ruminating about a program that offers the perfect blend of coaching for busy executives. And by blend I mean a program that holistically focuses on coaching for change and peak performance on the inside (your mind) and outside (your body).

I’m fascinated by the level of misinformation among executives who want to change the way they exercise and eat. (Thank you, Internet!) And the most unfortunate part is that the best among them often fall for fad diets or age-old theories (like breakfast is the most important meal of the day… which in my opinion is only partially true! Of course, there’s science to back this info too!).

What I don’t want is peak performers falling into the trap of some fad or prescriptive diet that’s sucks up all their energy or is just too overwhelming for them to keep a track of. Nor would I want them to hire a local trainer and focus on exercises that will help them “look” fit and muscular. There’s more to life than muscles. Don’t see a point in looking like the Rock when you’re not even able to lift a 100 kilos off the floor.

An corporate warrior program focuses on transformational coaching for your mind and body. Perhaps a soul element is missing but you really can’t make transformational change without connecting with your soul and spirit. They’d just need to follow the process.

Could I be finally closing into blending my true passions with something even greater? Unsure. Only time will tell. But I sure would want to give this a shot.

Wouldn’t you as a busy professional find a “corporate warrior” program beneficial?

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