And I waited…

For inspiration to strike… for this blog post. None came. All I needed to do was put my butt in the chair.

For the most opportune moment to make a call… so that I could rekindle my relationship with this client. I did find the moment but he didn’t pick up. And that was it. I didn’t call back. Waiting for the “next” most opportune moment.

For my food order to come through… and that too didn’t get delivered. At least not what I ordered. All I could do was text the owner with a polite feedback. And I get the feeling that he’s going to mess up my order again since this wasn’t the first time he’s messed up my order.

For the emails to stop coming in… so that I could finally shut off my laptop and read (and then sleep). They didn’t stop. And I did a lousy job of reading today (at least not with a clear mind).

I think I can spend my whole life waiting for things to happen but they just won’t unless I make them happen. I’m amused by the rallying cries of wantrepreneurs, modern-day entrepreneurs and executives to change the world. Nothing’s wrong with that but we ourselves struggle to change ourselves or that most critical behavior warranting a change.

I think the world can wait. But we shouldn’t. Dandapani (or perhaps it was someone else, but I heard him say this [or a variation, thereof] first) said it the best, “you want to change the world? Great! Start with making your own bed.”

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