The best way to promote yourself as a freelancer and/or an expert…


No shortcuts. None whatsoever. The ones that seem to be a quick route to success aren’t. They will set you back by a step or two at the least.

Get tech savvy when it comes to the fundamentals: email, phone, and good old facetime (not the app, genius!). Old school? Sure! Do they work? Definitely. And I would argue that phones (cold-calling included) and in-person meetings are far more effective than emails. I can tell from experience.

Social media has its place… as a tool to add value to your audience, document your journey and update them on the things that matter to them. Anything fancier means you’re not doing your job and the fundamentals as stated above. I’d bet my farm on that.

Next up — advertise yourself. And again, in-person works the best. I understand you’ve got limitations and that’s where ad platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads come in. They’ll help you find customers and help potential customers find you. Match made in heaven, right? Sure. But like all great things, this comes at a cost. Literally. So my advice will be to start low and scale as needed.

You can always hire an intern once you get a hang of how things are working out for you.

Finally, the dying technology — e-mail. It’s still useful and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Dig up your contacts and draft a neat (and short) email stating what you’re up to and how grateful you’d be if they can refer you to someone in need. Ditto for LinkedIn. Your network is your net worth, remember? And there’s no point in having a network that you cannot tap into. If anything, this is the best time to do it!

That’s it! It’s not a full-blown strategy but it’s definitely a great start! Exactly where 99% of most freelancers and solopreneurs get stuck.

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