Stronger, bolder, sooner…

Reconnected with a close friend of mine after a long time. Picked up our conversation right where we’d left — a space of our own to train people who’re serious about Strength Training and/or Powerlifting.

It’s been one of the BIG goals that I’ve had for quite some time. And surprisingly, it just may all work out. Fingers crossed for now.

The facility will be supplemental to my online coaching (for strength and powerlifting) services. I love to coach people and don’t want to restrict myself to just a performance center. My partner and I have been open-minded about our respective side-hustles and the future that holds for the facility.

The project is still in the nascent stage but I wanted to share it nonetheless. The end product wouldn’t be fancy and we’re quite alright with that. The idea is to set up a facility that gets the trainees stronger while sharpening their skills. We’ll be scaling our way up as needed in future. If this sounds like jumping and growing our wings on our way down, you’ll be absolutely right!

Thinking can (sometimes) be a major time waste.

Just do it!

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