Lousy days

They’re inevitable.

There’s just no escaping. Even for the productivity outcasts! In fact, they’re the ones who’ll be hit the most.

And I’ll be honest — this post is more for me than anyone else who’ll be reading this. Why? Because I hate wasting a day. Despite the fact that I know it’s wishful thinking to hope for a perfect day (productivity-wise) everyday! But then, old habits die hard.

Even as I say this, I hate myself for not having the energy to check off the two pending task of my list (Todoist app). I had grand plans for the evening, which included an intense 40-minute kettlebell session followed by a 20-minute cold shower. Laundry and washing dishes ruined it for me. Couldn’t do any of the things that I’d planned for the evening. At least not the stuff that’s the most important to me.

Thankfully, my workday went well. But the rest of it… I don’t even want to talk about it. Meal prepping was out of scope and probably will be till the time I find some place in my schedule. Ordering from out was a bad idea. All those calories were useless and will make me push myself insanely harder tomorrow morning at the gym. Hope to set a PR or two in the process.

I’ve got a hundred other things to whine and complain about how lousy this day has been. Or I can simply publish this, shut off my phone and my eye and go to sleep. Carrying this burden is unnecessary and won’t really bring this day back or would make it any better.

It’s something people like me and all the Type A’s our there should recognise. We bicker and complain and ruin it for ourselves and the other important people around us. Worth it? Nope. Can we stop it? Yes. All it takes is a little perspective.

Would it day really matter 10 or even 100 days from now? If the answer’s no, we’re better off redirecting our energies to what’s in our control than what’s not.

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