An unexpected switchover

Some of you already know this — I’ve been trying to do a form of “writing everyday” for the past few years (4-5 years, give it take a few months). And each time I’ve struggled to keep my own promise. I’d start, only to stop the next day letting myself drown in other people’s priorities or agenda.

Someone wise suggested, “hey, Sunil… why don’t you use blog off your phone? You can jot down a thought or two when you get a free moment and then put it all together and get it up online!” I simply shrugged. It sounded like a great idea but my mind was already discounting how unprofessional or amateurish it would be to blog off of my phone. Moreover, I’m a writer. Not a blogger. Just happen to use my blog to put my thoughts across. And yeah, real writes they type of a keyboard.

I never thought a few years down the lane I’d be doing the exact things I was against. I’m pecking this post out on my phone. I’m writing everyday and also putting it up online, which makes me a blogger. And here’s the big one — I don’t consider myself a writer anymore. I don’t know why, but I just take pleasure in communicating and expressing my thought out loud than impressing you with my outstanding writing skills.

Who knew?

Likewise, I’ve always struggled with my budgets. Tracking money is the most painfully boring task that I could ever think of doing. I’d rather kill myself than use a spreadsheet to track money. Fast forward to 2018… I’m still the same.

But I did vow to transform my fiscal habits this year. I’m working with a coach right now to work building this habit of tracking money without losing my sanity. It’s a tough experience, but worth it for sure.

And here’s the kicker — upon deeper reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that setting a budget for the essentials is the first step forward. An amount that I would set for the expenses I would incur this month and onwards. That’s so freeing! I’m in control, finally! At least heading in the right direction.

When I explored the different tools that can use to strengthening my habit I was back to the only two apps that I’ve used well. The spreadsheet and YNAB.

I’ll go with YNAB for now. I’ve paid the annual subscription already and I fell off the wagon because I got a little lazy during my travels last month. But it’s great to be finally tracking money again!

Never say never again! You just never know what the future holds for you.

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