Aim for clarity to gain clarity

Had quite a productive coaching session with one of my peers this afternoon. I think I hit all the markers from an evaluation and/or observational point of view except that I let the measure of success for the session remain vague. Now, irrespective of whether the objective(s) of the session were met as coaches we have to strive to get to the bottom of what the client truly wants to achieve and feel by the end of the session.

So, here I was — a great coaching session yet felt I’d felt some gaps and could’ve done so much better. As a peer coach, my “client” understood what just happened and was kind enough to be forgiving. But I still can’t seem to shrug it off. How the heck could it have happened to me? I was so prepared and ready to take on more.

I guess that’s what life teaches us. Despite how prepared you seem to be life finds a way to expose your vulnerabilities and reminds you that you’re merely a human. All you could do is be in awe of what you’ve just experienced, take notes, study them and find ways to apply them when you get an opportunity next. That’s the best way to move on.

And this surely goes beyond a coaching session. We need to aim for clarity to gain clarity to what our goals, visions, and priorities are in life. The key isn’t to aspire for perfection but to stay open to be iterative because you’ll always be fumbling, learning and tweaking your way to the destination.

Wish we could’ve just arrived where we want to get.

Wish things were that simple.

But as you know, wishing simply a waste of time. Aiming to gain clarity, however, can be so much productive.

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