Give it all or don’t show up at all

Been a disappointing day. Delegated a vital piece of work to a contractor who did his best to bill me in full or an output that was at best “half-assed.” And that’s putting it mildly. Now, I did roll-up my sleeves to fix it for everyone but that is just not the point.

Here’s the point — as a professional you can’t afford to take half-measures when someone else’s (particularly your client’s) reputation is at stake. You have to give it all to make it count for yourself, your client and his client. Not doing so is the quickest path to sabotage your career.

Yes, I obsess over details that people normally would either overlook or just won’t care. But point that out is simply missing the point. There’s no such thing as “half-pregnant.” You either are or not. Likewise, you either give your best or you don’t. A thoroughbred professional would give it all and can proudly answer this question (and boy, I was so tempted to ask it): Is this the best you can do?

We don’t deserve an opportunity if we can’t respect the ones that we were offered or already have. It’s a simple principle but has a lifelong impact: give it all or don’t show up at all.

Is that the best I could’ve said? For today, absolutely yes!


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