A case on “business use cases”

Testimonials make a stronger case for your organisation’s services than your swashbuckling website copy. We know that, don’t we? But do they have to be that elaborate?

Sure, your potential clients rely on those documents to push the envelope and even get you through the door. (If you’re lucky, that is!) But what’s the point when making a decision only takes about a few seconds?

And here’s the worst part — business (solopreneurs, small and medium businesses and even large enterprises) waste a crapton of time building collaterals (particularly the “use cases” as they’re the crowd favourite) that nobody in their sane mind would even understand!

I like the direction some companies are headed towards — design thinking. It’s missing the point but still is making an effort to minimise text over effectiveness. The emphasis is on crafting compelling copy that grabs the attention of the reader and conveys the features and benefits.

What would be ideal? A sub 350-word copy that conveys the situation, complication and resolution. That’s it! No fluff, no fancy stories just what matters. Think about the speed-to-market when it comes to producing this kind of copy! 5-7 solid pieces of content that’s consumable, shareable and would most likely win you business.

It’s about time to redefine what a “use case” or a case study (or whatever you’d like to call it) for simply telling a story that makes an impact. And for the love of god, copywriters, let’s not get into the “long form vs short form” argument here. We’re not selling anything but simply trying to connect with the audience by sharing a story. Something that’s both relevant and would help us build credibility.

Short is the “new long.” It surely gets read. And most importantly, shared. Would you like to swap that possibility with a piece of document that basically means nothing?

I rest my case here!

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