Is it too late?

Unsure why we still think age can be a barrier to growth, prosperity or even immigrating to a different country. Would it even matter if you had the confidence in your knowledge, skillset, and abilities to create opportunities for yourself than wait for one?

I don’t think so, but that’s just my opinion. And that’s precisely what our biggest challenge — waiting for opportunities than creating one ourselves. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But whoever said hustling was easy must’ve been on drugs. Or was insane.

The new-age of entrepreneurs, particularly the ones who’re hustling on the side or are part of the gig-economy, have the greatest leverage among the ones who want to make a living. They work hard on their day jobs and then push their limits hustling on the side. They learn new skills, hone them to perfection and apply their knowledge to accelerate their businesses until it takes off the ground… only to come crashing down. Which is most of the times, but they don’t let a setback stop them dead on the tracks. They pick up the pieces and get back to work until they achieve a breakthrough.

And you think this is easy? Heck, no!

I don’t see a point complaining that you’re already 35 or about the economy or lack of opportunities or how disadvantaged you are as a father or mother of two (very) young kids and a mortgaged apartment! Those are just excuses! They really are! Nobody stopped you from stealing time from leisure to work on yourself or your skills in the past five years. And nobody is going to stop you now.

You might be wondering if it’s too late. Guess what? It is. Because the best time to do this was 5 years ago when you were busy playing Zynga and drinking cheap beer. The next best time is right now. If you’re stuck wondering what to do next, try this:

  1. Analyze your strengths
  2. Create an inventory of skills that you have
  3. Which of these skills would people like to pay for? If you found one, great! Refine it further and explore who others with similar skills are making it work. Listen, you’re not the next Uber or Facebook. Start small and work your way up.

Go, do! Make a ruckus!

P.S. Check out some of these books for inspiration (last post from last night)

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