Stay away from the “new” stuff

I think one of the biggest obstacles we face in this day and age of information overload (and constipation) is ignoring the shiny “new” object that promises shortcuts and the pathway to m/b/trillions!

What I’ve learned from my (bitter) experience is that there are NO shortcuts. Stop hoping to discover one that will make you a fortune. It’s not going to happen. And even if it does, trust me you won’t be able to hold on to it. That’s how money works. You may attract a lot of it over the course of your life but holding on to it and doing something useful is a whole different story. I’ve known it better than most of the people I know. Thankfully, I was never into getting lucky with money. Managing it was a struggle and something that I have been able to sort out, thanks to my coaches.

The harsh reality is this — getting from where you are to where you want to go takes time. And we can’t plan for that. What we can do, however, is get mentally ready to go through the grind with intense focus. The shiny “new” objects are merely distractions getting the way of your dreams. And that can be costly. I mean that quite literally.

During my credentialing journey (towards a formal coaching accreditation) I was getting pulled in several directions. And everywhere I looked, I would find an option that had better features, benefits, and offered greater “value” than the previous one. It was a hard decision. The path that I decided was harsh on my “books” but were worth it in the end.

Just yesterday I received another email from a renowned marketer on a new “coaching” certification for just $10,000! And it was a deal of a lifetime (according to him)! I would have opted for it but then what? I’d get another offer in about a couple of months. And then another. Another. Yet another until I’ve run out of my funds.

If you can think a layer deeper, you would realize that you almost gave away your life’s savings to run someone else’s business? Yes, I’m aware essentially we’re all in one business or the other and someday one of us will be selling our products or services to the other person. I get that. But then, if you’ve been following along, you would know my focus is on creating value. And doesn’t require me to sell something. Or push the right buttons to create a marketing funnel that will fetch me email addresses and some “hot” orders under the 90-day money back guarantee (provided you do the work — that’s the latest tactic since “no questions asked” carries a whole lot of risk).

And wait — what about your goals? My goals? Damn! We haven’t even started yet! We’ve been so busy chasing these shiny “new” objects that we’ve forgotten about the biggest reason why we went after these objects in the first place! Sounds familiar? That’s the story of our lives folks! Of course, we’re better than that but it’s time that we prove it to ourselves.

Here’s the key: ignorance is a bliss!

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