Inch by inch

If going the distance was easy, everyone would reach their destinations. But do they?

Could it be that their desire maybe stopping them dead in the tracks? Could it be that the “right now” culture is ruining it all for us? While I may not have an answer, I do know this: nothing really happens right now. At least none of the significant stuff.

Yet, everyday I bump into someone who would like to get “great” results but doesn’t want to wait or even work towards it. Expecting rapid results seems to have become the new “normal.” Just like some feel they’re entitled to the luxuries of life.

Perhaps that’s the reason why athletes or even lay people working out recreationally get on an anabolic steroid cycle. To gain massive muscles, quickly. Because the normal way is taking too much time.

And then they die. Or something closer to dying but knowing what death is all about.

Be it fat loss, gaining muscle, transforming work lives or just transcending to an all-new level — it takes time. The good things in life need to be earned. And patience is the key. It’s just ironic that we don’t have the time to be patient.

Instead of more, perhaps we all can benefit from just less. On a consistent basis.

Inch by inch just might go the distance.

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