May you stay in one place forever

A terrible thought, isn’t it? But that’s how the Tartar tribes of central Asia used to pronounce a certain curse over their enemies. They didn’t curse them to die but you and I know what staying in one place forever would do to us.

What’s even worse? The fact that we don’t make time for growth. We just expect it would happen by itself, just chip away every day until the day they decide it’s time for you to go up the ladder. And you call that “growth.” But is it?

I don’t know about you but that’s the closest to stagnation or “staying at one place” I would ever come close to. That’s not my idea of growth. And no, I’m not the impatient kind who doesn’t have the maturity to wait for something as progressive and evolutionary as growth.

My concern is more around staying committed to the idea of growing every day. It’s not an event but a journey and unless you make your random acts of variety more specific and geared towards growth, you just may end up staying where you are forever.

I think I heard John Maxwell say (in one of this audiobooks) how he decided to become an expert in leadership and committed to studying the topic every day for one hour until the time he “got there.” Over time, however, he realized (thankfully for all of us!) that his growth as a leader (or rather a student of leadership) isn’t about “getting there” but how further can he go.

You’re not him and neither am I! But you and I can commit to growth by making time for it every day. It’s worth our efforts to chip it away every day until the time we get there and see how can we go further.

The alternative is the stay where we are forever. And I’m not sure if that’s not your idea of growth.

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