Cure for unproductive Fridays..

If you’re like me you really care about the last working day of the week, don’t you? And we know it’s not because of the weekend or lesser work pressure but the fact that we get the least done on Fridays. At least historically.

The challenge becomes graver when your colleagues are in the mood to just chill out because it’s Friday! (Or TGIF!) Especially after lunch. And I used to seriously struggle with this until I found a hack… to lock myself inside a cabin and get work done.

But you know how hard it is to focus and get real work done. You just don’t “feel” productive despite your best efforts.

After years of hacking, experimenting and tweaking my schedule I’ve come to the conclusion that the post-lunch hours are best suited for the following:

  1. Self reflection and journaling on how productive you were that workweek
  2. Plan for the next workweek — the big rocks and pebbles that’ll probably consume you for the first half of the week
  3. Strategy meetings, “just a minute” sessions or individual or group coaching sessions
  4. Mastermind sessions and/or workshops/seminars geared towards work, productivity and other aspects that are important to your business

That’s it! Sure, you can get creative with that but the list above suits me just fine. I’ve been implementing this for the past couple of years and it works like a charm.

I still get life in the way some Fridays, but that’s what they’re for anyway, right? To pause, reflect and appreciate the little or big things you’ve achieved just this week.

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