Eat like a warrior…

At least that was the plan when I started the warrior diet. My folks aren’t happy. But this diet isn’t for the faint heart. It is the original intermittent fasting protocol that took the world by storm. (Alright, the “storm” bit is exaggerated… but it did make a significant impact in changing the way we think about eating.)

Here’s my warrior diet plan, modified to my unique needs, of course!

Training days

  • Pre workout: carb powder, caffeine and a pinch of salt (30g carbs)
  • Post workout: oatmeal (30g carbs, 8-10g protein, some fat)
  • Lunch: protein shake or yogurt (15-25g protein, some carbs, 4-5g fat)
  • Evening snack: One whole egg or a scoop of protein powder (25g protein, 5g carbs, 1-2g fat)
  • Dinner: go crazy! Eat like a king! (150-180g carbs, 25-30g fat and 30-55g protein — typically)

Total: 220-230g carbs, 40-45g fat and 130-150g protein

Purists would have an issue with the approximations but this works for me. Healthy? I think so. I can’t produce any evidence right not but if you’re curious, checkout one of Ori Hofmekler awesome books!

Will update you further on my progress in a few week’s time with a little more depth behind the science of this madness. For now, I’m just enjoying feeling light, eating like a king and lifting strong.

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