The week that was…

It’s been one heck of a crazy week. Lots of coaching calls, work, research (on this new initiative I’ve taken at the workplace) and family time. My mind’s sort of fried from all that has happened. Which brings me to Sunday and it’s significance in my life.

Here’s what I used to do on Sunday (several years back):

  1. Wake up at 11:30-12 noon
  2. Think about what to do
  3. Lunch
  4. Think about what to do
  5. Watch TV…
  6. Dinner
  7. Watch some more TV
  8. Sleep

Not much. I can’t imagine doing something like that now, though there’s value in doing just that when I’m on a break (a great idea that I haven’t been able to implement in some time… but it’ll happen soon… I think).

Here’s what I do now:

  1. Wake up at 8am
  2. Plan for the week
  3. Hit the gym/Work
  4. Lunch (yeah, no breakfast for me on Sundays unless I’m training)
  5. Journal/reflection on how the week was (especially the ups and downs). I also review my Daily Questions and how I scored that week
  6. Read
  7. Family time
  8. Dinner
  9. Plan for my weekly training
  10. Netflix or some Documentary
  11. Wind-down
  12. Read (non-fiction preferred but fiction when I’m feeling lazy)
  13. Sleep

You can see the difference, right? As you can tell, what I do now gives me the biggest bang for the buck. I feel so much productive, especially when I’m able to do all of that, which almost never happens. But if I get that list an 80% right, I’m good!

The most important task for any Sunday, regardless of how packed (or unpacked) it looks like should be journaling. Your reflection on how your week went is super-important and sets the tone for the upcoming week. Think of it as changing your car’s engine oil every 20,000 miles/kilometers. The sole purpose is to ensure that the car is in good shape.

Your brain takes a lot of beating during a workweek and giving it the time, space and opportunity to review is a refreshing experience. You’re basically pausing the brain from thinking about the future and go back and relive some of the ups and downs from the past week. And in the process, you’re also able to tap into the learnings you’ve had, which you can further apply in several aspects of life in future.

It’s like having a blueprint of what works for you and what doesn’t based on your own experience. Imagine what it can do to your thinking, productivity, and life in general? A LOT! But you can’t have that blueprint unless you take the time to pause. If there’s just ONE thing that has the power to significantly changed your life, I’d say THIS IS IT! Journal and reflect on the week that was.

Speaking of which… I published a few pieces that may have been missed by the readers in general (published it beyond my usual schedule and closer to the midnight, I think that’s a “thing” now). If you’ve loved this piece, check out the following posts too!

Have a great work week ahead!

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