A workaholic’s tip to handling an unproductive day…

I had just six things on my list today and could just strike off a couple of them. I know, that’s way too unproductive! I surely could’ve done more…

And here’s the worst part — I was on leave and had all the time in the world to get things done. But I didn’t. Take means the next three days will be borderline hellish work-wise. Even physically, I’d have to push myself to grind through my training since I’ve already taken a couple of days off this week.

Under normal circumstances, I would just fly off the handle and make everyone’s life a little miserable (especially my loved ones) by being grumpy. Today I tried something different:

  1. Accepted that I wasn’t well and my energy systems wouldn’t fire as usual
  2. Focused on resting during the day (for the most part, doesn’t include the couple of scheduled calls that I took… those needed to get done)
  3. Ate well throughout the day (a good balance of carbs, fats, and proteins) instead of following my standard diet
  4. Planned for tomorrow, yet another workday but wanted to ensure that I’m not putting an all-out effort (that’s for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday); just the important stuff so that I don’t kill myself

The point? the world isn’t going to end and it’s okay to take a sick day now and then.

I know you knew that but when was the last time you followed your own advice? That’s precisely why you’re reading this. I don’t follow my own advice at times, particularly when it comes to taking care of myself.

The aforementioned is one way of looking at it though there can be better and more creative ways (listen, I know I’m boring) too! The key is to keep experimenting and see what bare minimum can you set for yourself on your “off-days.” Knowing that would almost instantly relieve you of a lot of stress. (Most of which is unnecessary, but I know that you knew that as well!)

With great love and respect, I would like you to take care of yourself because both the world and your work can wait.

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