Life’s short

You could be leaving your breath right now… Memento Moro

It’s been a constant reminder for the past many years, yet you feel shattered when a dear friend leaves you and their loved ones for the heavens up above.

I’ve been miserable all this morning. One of my dear friends, someone whom I’d really respected, admired and cahoots, took his last breath this morning. Just too young to be leaving all of us.

Yet, such is life.

It doesn’t care about our opinions, intentions but takes the course that’s meant to take.

My friend devoted a better portion of his adult life serving others. He obsessed over becoming valuable so that he could be more valuable to others.

A thousand souls might have shed tears this morning. Many will still grieve in the weeks coming by… But all of us will remember the legacy he left behind.

Our time indeed is limited. We can waste it living someone else’s life or find ourselves serving others and making a difference.

What’s it going to be? The clock’s ticking.

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