Advice to 20 year Olds…

I hate Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiring entrepreneurs to do shit. Half of them do good for themselves. The remaining 25% would fail and go back to doing what they always have done. The rest of them become wannabe-Garys. And that’s a problem.

I logged into LinkedIn this afternoon to check on the feeds and review notifications. And surprisingly, bumped into a profile that had checked me out. I clicked back to see a torrent of updates, including videos, literally copied from Gary’s videos and Instagram pictures/memes.

This person even had a fake accent! I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and wondered…

If they’ve all missed the point. It sure does seem like it. You see, Gary’s strong on self-awareness. And he’ll be the first in line to say don’t listen to what he says, but watch he does.

The rant about the 24×7 hustle is a bit over the top, but I’m sure it pays. Especially for the ones who are driven just like him!

My concern: do we really think copying others is a shortcut to internet fame? And why the heck doesn’t anyone have the guts to be themselves?

This advice business to teens and 20 somethings is fine as long as you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting everyone else’s time.

I wouldn’t change my stance for wantrepreneurs or these fresh graduates marketing themselves as life coaches. It’s ridiculous to even think that I’ll get advice on how to run my life by someone who hasn’t even begun living theirs.

What works? Hard work, patience and your willingness to fail instead of lifehacks, haste and overt ambitions to make it “large.”

Trust the process and let’s get real for everyone’s sake.

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