What are the odds?

I’m closely working with a few clients to explore their “big why” behind procrastination and leaning on instant gratification. It’s a rewarding experience to be able to navigate through their thoughts and facilitate clarity in thinking. What’s more rewarding is the insights I gain from these conversations. It just blows my mind up!

One of these conversations went on a tangent I’d never expected. It was around this article on HuffPost — Are You a Miracle? On the Probability of Your Being Born. It’s worth a read. And here’s an excerpt that stuck out for me:

The probability of your being born: one in 102,685,000

As a comparison, the approximate number of atoms in the known universe is 1080.

So what’s the probability of your being born? It’s the probability of 2.5 million people getting together — about the population of San Diego — each to play a game of dice with trillion-sided dice. They each roll the dice — and they all come up the exact same number — say, 550,343,279,001.

A miracle is an event so unlikely as to be almost impossible. By that definition, I’ve just proven that you are a miracle.

Isn’t that something.

Now, back to your challenge with procrastination. Considering the possibility of you being a living, breathing human being right now is next to impossible, your challenges are nothing but your excuse (that you bring forth onto yourself) to waste your life away.

I think you would agree that isn’t an understatement.

And here’s a Gary Vee rant that I love! (Don’t get lost in the “1 in 400 trillion” detail. It’s explained in the article above.)

Onwards, my friend! Go, rock the world!

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