The Gary Vee Content Model

Unsure if you heard about the GaryVee Content Model. Bumped into it quite accidentally on LinkedIn. It’s a pyramid and here’s a breakdown of what it’s like:

  1. Document pillar content — one long-form piece of content (blog post, vlog, Q&A show, keynotes or podcast)
  2. Repurpose into microcontent — create short-form pieces of content from the pillar content into shorter articles, memes, mashups, remixes, quotes, GIFs… you get the idea
  3. Distribute across social media — post it on the relevant social platforms (which is basically every f*(&#@ platform on this planet!

That’s it! It’s super-duper simple.

Here’s ONE thing that he does too…

LISTEN! To what the audience has to say. He (and his team) observes the reactions to gain insights and further engage with his community. And then… he creates more content from those insights! (How cool is that?)

It’s a great model for anyone to follow. Of course, you don’t have to replicate it, just learn the principles and try to apply it in your life. And remember, you’re not Gary. Your situation is quite different from his. You don’t have the drive (or maybe you do, but I don’t want to you to hustle and grind for 20 hours for the next 6 months to prove me wrong — that’s not the point) or 20 people to create content for you!

I personally think this would be an overkill by content marketing standards for ordinary folks like us. (Can’t discount the passion with which Gary puts out content on a daily basis. It takes a lot from him, I’m sure. But he’s on a mission to change the world.)

I would definitely modify this model for a small business that’s just getting started or for one that doesn’t have much wiggle room to hire a videographer, a team of writers and community managers.

Here’s what a rough draft would look like:

  1. Document
  2. Create pillar content (blog post/podcast/vlog — pick one!)
  3. Repurpose into micro-content (FB/LN/IG or more if you’re crazy or have loads of time)
  4. Distribute across social outposts
  5. Drive traffic back to home base (company website)
  6. Rinse and repeat!

Listen, do this for at least 6 months before you go crazy with your version of content marketing. There are no right or wrong ways to do it, just the right approach and I think simple is the way to go. Especially if you’re getting started.

Have fun!

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