Less is more… when it comes to blogging

Found this in my inbox just now…


Read the post on Neil’s site.

Here’s the crux of it:

  1. He only wrote 862 blog posts himself. The rest are from the KISSmetrics blog and translations. (But I still admire him for what he writes, which is always super-useful and fun to read!)
  2. More content doesn’t mean more traffic. There are at least 199 other factors that Google is looking for
  3. Blogging is fun but a better strategy would be to use tools to see the top pages of competitors. See what keywords are driving their traffic. Verify if the pages are also loved by people (and not just the search engines) by looking at social share count. Once you have the list of posts that are really doing well, create better versions of it. Go in-depth by adding a variety like video tutorials, infographics or even presentation decks (if you’re into that). The agenda is to make it even better than the competition!

  4. More content means more maintenance — you have to constantly update it to stay at the top (of search engines and your audience’s mind…).

And here’s a confession, despite being a content marketer myself… I honestly don’t care about any of the above or other tactics that I should be trying. Here’s why — this blog and my presence on LinkedIn are purely driven by my objective to serve.

If people read it, great! If they don’t… they will eventually some how. It’s not a priority for me right now. One of the reasons could be because I focus on documenting (which mostly is evergreen) than creating content (which almost always get dated). What matters right now is that I do what I love the most, which is to document my journey and curate my thoughts on the way. It is that simple.

One aspect that most entrepreneurs and small businesses forget is that they can’t afford to devote a 100% of their time and attention towards creating content or content marketing. They should be following the 80/20 principle meaning focusing on the 20% that will give them the most bang for the buck.

The four points above are part of the 20% if creating value through content marketing is a priority. I am an executive coach and trainer for me content marketing can be a simple 20-45 minute talk or a mastermind session with people who’re part of my target audience.

Remember, there are so set rules or how it’s done. Your way is the right way so long as you love the process.

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