If you can’t enjoy the foods that you love, your diet sucks…

And that’s regardless of the diet you’re on — ketogenic, low-carb, slow-carb, high-protein or even the warrior diet (that I personally follow)!

Eating is an important part of our existence. We used to eat for survival. Some of us still do (listen, I haven’t technically eaten since last night… and it’s been a long hard day which included a 2-hour powerlifting training in addition to half a dozen calls with my clients)! But eating has become more of a lifestyle than what it used to be. And I’m totally fine with that transition. In fact, just glad that eating is fashionable!

Jokes apart — one of my major annoyances when it comes to eating is that almost every other person is on a diet. And almost all of them whine and complain either about their diets or that it isn’t working for them.

One needs to consider a couple of aspects for any diet to work:

  1. It’s a short-term strategy aimed at a specific goal (most likely fat-loss)
  2. A focus on balance while cutting out (or adding in, if you’re a hard-gainer or just “believe” that bulking is the way to go) calories
  3. BONUS: you out to enjoy the process. If you’re not, you’re trying way harder than needed.

That’s it! Sweet a simple. I don’t want to slap one evidence after the other to prove this point. I have a commonsensical approach towards both exercise and nutrition. And yes, life in general (for the most part, if I say so myself).

I don’t see a point in starving myself (almost, since I’m not fasting only undereating) and then eat like a bird! I’ll feast (without going overboard) on clean foods and that’s a choice that I make. By the way, clean food tastes a helluva lot better than junk food. Another choice that I have is to set a calorie intake a ensure that I stick with my macros. All this while I enjoy what I eat.

Do I need a label for this? Nope. But then I don’t need on either.

Sorry I digressed, I think the best strategy for every dieter out there would be to go easy and not extreme. Someone who wants to shred down to a 5% body fat is either a professional bodybuilder (who’s got his meal preps and diet tied down to the knot by the way) or insane (and needs therapy). If you want to follow a diet ask WHY you want to do it and WHAT can you do to enjoy the process.

And for sanity’s sake — any diet longer than 10-12 weeks isn’t sustainable. The Warrior Diet and the Slow-carb diet can become part of a lifestyle but it’s not the same with Ketogenic or low-carb or any other extreme form of dieting.

Use your head. Follow your heart (with some restraint, of course).

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