Tech sabbath on Sundays

Found this cool infographic on the Love the site and love this concept even more!

tech sabbath illustration taking day off from technology

Let me tell you, I need this the most! Over the past 167 Sundays I’ve done nothing but work while juggling some time (a very little and I’m not proud of it) with my family and loved ones. I am a recovering workaholic but I think part of the challenge that I (and many others) face is our addiction to technology.

For me, the to-do list is an addiction. I check it frequently and deliberately push off things from Friday on to Saturday and then to Sunday. How stupid is that? But then, I think I am. Haven’t learned a ding from all those groggy Monday mornings I’ve had (and that’s a LOT of them)!

I remember blocking out time to binge watch Netflix on a weekend (starting Friday night till Sunday evening) out of desperation (I think I was getting stressed). It was great. Monday morning, however, was a different story I wouldn’t want to get into right now.

The point is this — we all need to feel okay taking a break from all these gadgets, internet services (including WordPress) and our task lists (digital or plain ole’ paper) at least once a week. It can be a Friday or a Sunday. The day actually doesn’t matter but the act surely does. I say that from experience. The day’s gone already and it’s close to 8pm… and I’ve clocked in 6 hours of work (on and while I’m feeling productive my body and mind craves for rest and fun.

While we may think we need more time but since that’s not going to happen we need to make some for ourselves.

Probably I’m thinking too much… so, let me ditch everything else and grab a book to read! Have a great workweek!

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