Relevant experience not needed

I get super annoyed when people get anal about specifics that are not-so-relevant. This is particularly true when it comes to experience while applying for a job that’s quite generic (contact centers, back-end operations, administration, office management, copy room) and requires less than 3-4 years’ experience.

Why? Because someone with that much experience would bring in transferable skills that are quite relevant and often quintessential to be successful in the new job. Yet, recruiters and gatekeepers (particularly the ones screening candidates for higher education program) want candidates to have relevant experience as the bare minimum. The rationale is that there’s less time spent in training and setting the context. I don’t buy that since almost every organization spends an inordinate amount of money while onboarding a candidate irrespective of the level and experience they have.

Are they hoping to attract the highest quality candidates for this generic job? Maybe. But how would you know? Acing an interview is a skill just like any other. And sadly we’re still using the tried and tested approach (the interview) to whet out candidates. What makes these unfounded standards so important? I frankly don’t have an answer.

What’s worse is that even institutions require candidates to have experience relevant to the specialization they have applied for when their curriculum itself is far less practical than the real world! Technically, they demand people to have relevant experience so that they could give them an education that is fairly irrelevant. And after graduating they will have to relearn the way the world works.

Is that even sane?

Back to the job applicants — as long as they’re not applying for a job that requires specialized knowledge (medicine, accounting, law, management and/or engineering) I think anyone with basic literacy and people skills can excel. The notion of having an undergraduate degree in commerce to sell life insurance or stack reams of paper in the mail room or picking up the phone to say “May I know who’s calling?” is absurd.

Let’s just get real, can we?

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