Delivering results needs a different mindset

I’ve been focusing on delivering nothing but “specific results” or “meaningful outcomes” for the past several days. Just wanted a change in my approach and thought process. I noticed that the mind works differently when I’m focused on achieving results compared to striking a few things off of my list.

It’s liberating.

It’s daunting.

I noticed that you can only achieve so much when it comes to results. A lot more energy is spent processing each and every task list or item off your list that will eventually lead you to achieve the result. It can get taxing, especially when you tend to be a little unreasonable. And as a chronic list maker, I’m nothing but unreasonable.

While I’m feeling overwhelmed with the results I’ve achieved today, I’m humbled by this shift in thinking and a realization that I’m only human. Not a machine. And deeply thankful for that. Attaching a sense of purpose (as in literally writing out the purpose) for each of the outcomes I plan to achieve that day connects me to that passionate being within me that is determined to make an impact.

Learned this bit from Tony Robbins’ The Time of Life program. I never understood the full significance of what the Rapid Planning Method (links to an excellent resource) stands for until I re-ran those CDs (I’m actually digitizing all my CDs.., yeah, I know, too late to the party) again this past week.

And now, I get it! Our biggest obstacle isn’t about the things we have to do on a daily basis (and get overwhelmed by it) but how we think about those things. The difference is massive. You need to try it before you would know it.

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