Fuck all!

  • When people don’t live up to your expectations
  • When you pour your heart out creating your craft (writing, poetry, art, or music) but people won’t care
  • When you work hard to make a significant change but bureaucracy fucks you up
  • When you try to help but get kicked in the rear
  • When you try to do the right thing and get blamed, banished and/or banned for something you never intended to do
  • When you try your best but don’t succeed (alright, that’s straight out of Coldplay’s Fix you!)
  • When times are tough and the world seems to be against you
  • When you’re hurting but nobody would give a shit
  • When they criticise you for trying
  • When they criticise you for not trying enough

These and there will be many others to keep you from doing what you should be. I don’t have enough wisdom to give you the perfect solution. There isn’t. All I can say is “fuck all” and get back to work.

Would you?

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