This post on productivity makes a heck of a lot of sense!

And thankfully, I didn’t write it. Ramit Sethi did! Check out his insanely awesome post on productivity (for the weird, as you would call it)!

It’s different from the usual posts that you would read on productivity. It talks about details, psychology and most importantly the fundamentals.

Here’s a gist of what you’ll read:


  1. 8 hours of sleep every night!
  2. Hire someone to clean your apartment (if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, of course!) Secret mantra: “A place for everything, and everything in its place!
  3. Have a consistent meal plan and stick to it! Having a system for eating food makes sense. I’m wondering why the heck didn’t I do it myself? (Less decision fatigue. You can apply this to your wardrobe as well!)
  4. Optimize your calendar. Give your days a theme. Take days off every week (start with 30 minutes of uninterrupted time if you’re employed — like me) and schedule as per your energy reserves. It’s obvious to slot out time to write a blog post when you’re at peak of your energy levels… (and not when you’re half dead like I am right now)


  1. Set boundaries. Say “no” often. Create your own plans instead of falling back on someone else’s.
  2. Be unapologetic with what you need. If you’re an OCD when it comes to spelling, grammar or URLs, don’t apologize instead think of how productive it’ll make you. Weird? Sure! But you’re not the one whining about productivity or losing time browsing when you’ve got your toothpaste reordered automatically. Optimize, dude!
  3. Be positive and resilient. Have faith in yourself. And know that you’ll bounce back no matter what.


  1. If you can fix something with money, fix it with money. Please do! You’re better served to do one of those pending tasks in your list than fixing plumbing yourself. You think you’ll save money? Really?
  2. Automate your repetitive tasks. See Psychology, #2. Related. Sort of.
  3. Use systems to help you be proactive about things you want to do. Like remembering birthdays of your loved ones or due dates for insurance renewal or credit card payments.

That’s the short of it! Do take out time to read the real deal.

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