You don’t need reassurance, it’s futile!

“You don’t need reassurance. It’s futile. Because reassurance runs out really fast. Embrace a simple idea: you are not selling at people, you are not doing this to people, you are doing it for them.” — Seth Godin

If there’s one piece of wisdom you need to bootstrap or kickstart your side gig you just read it! That’s all there is to it! Everything else — the planning, strategizing, brainstorming — is basically your excuse to wait for things or the times/circumstances to get better or worse, perfect!

Are you waiting for someone’s blessing or validation or permission? I’m not sure how effective that would be knowing very well that a week from now you will still be here, waiting for some more inspiration or reassurance.

The antidote? Start. Make mistakes. Be thankful for the feedback that life, people and your competitors throw/give/share with you.

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