The “how-to” of making your life amazing!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Eric Barker‘s piece titled “This Is How To Make Your Life Amazing.” Practical insights on what it takes for one to take care of their “wellbeing” holistically (without much woo-woo).

Here’s a summary:

  • Career Wellbeing“: Be engaged. Use your strengths. Hide from your boss.
  • Social Wellbeing“: Spend time with the good people, not with the bad people. (If you want something less obvious than that, go read all those words I wrote above, lazybones.)
  • Financial Wellbeing“: Usually it’s not about how much you have, it’s about how you feel about what you have. Increasing the prior two factors prevents you from negatively comparing yourself to others.
  • Physical Wellbeing“: Exercise, eat right and get your sleep, obviously. As we all know in our heart of hearts, feeling sexy is important. Restaurant choices can matter more than food choices.
  • Community Wellbeing“: Helping others helps you. Therefore, helping me helps you. Why don’t you call more often?

Eric Barker, How to Make Your Life Amazing

Enjoy the read! The article is quite in-depth but will be worth every minute that you spend.

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