Stop giving a shit as soon as you reach the top…

Before complacency knocks you down. It’s a fact and something that I default to after each and every little or big achievement I’ve had since I realized how much they matter to one’s success.

But we get hung up on our past successes refusing to start it all over and do something different. And that’s a challenge. Particularly when we pay attention to all that “hustling” that goes on. After a certain point, you will get used to the hustle, which gets worse if you’ve had the chance to taste success.

What gives? The realization that your achievements are nothing but milestones to your ultimate goal. That’s precisely the most successful out there encourage you to chase the “big hairy audacious goals” (BHAGs)! Because there’s a risk of reaching the top too soon if your goal was to reach the 29th floor than 29,000 ft above the sea level.

Perhaps that explains why Gary Vaynerchuk’s goal is to own the New York Jets. It’s not about the team fellas, it’s about the process. And what that makes out of you. It always has been.

Some of my closest friends hate me for saying “what’s the big deal” all too often. Some even hate me for being so inconsiderate about my achievements (not many, but significant enough to my life). I’m not. What I do is part of my process of avoiding complacency. And it’s so damn easy to fall into that trap after all that hard work. Who doesn’t want to rest? I sure do! But then, I do have the option to rest or dream and prepare for the next battle (ain’t that active recovery?). And then go for the kill.

From my experience, giving a shit about something you care often gets in your way to success. Stop giving a shit. Reflect on your BHAGs and move on!

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