Nancy Nardin’s Sales Technology Landscape 2018

Bumped into this great infographic by Nancy Nardin on the technological landscape (sales and marketing-wise). This was originally published in July but I just happened to find it today. A few months behind but this is pure gold, nonetheless!

If you’re into martech or into sales and/or marketing, do review this infographic that’s so well organized keeping the reader and the target audience (me and my fellow marketers) in mind. Here are the categories that you’ll find:

  1. Who to sell and why
  2. How to engage and when
  3. Why they should buy and from you
  4. What to do to close
  5. How to up/cross-sell and renew
  6. How to manage, compensate, train, onboard, reinforce, coach

This piece has over 600 options for you to consider and explore further.

Nancy Nardin’s Sales Technology Landscape 2018

Get ready to be overwhelmed. My suggestion: take it easy! 😉

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