What kind of content works fast?

Found this “click-baity” piece on Quora that goes in depth about the most effective type of content for “faster” result. Drum rolls, please…

  1. Polls
  2. Quizzes
  3. Webinars
  4. SEO

YAAWWWNNN… I’m so bored. Give me something new. Could you?

Well, honestly, there isn’t anything new under the “marketing sun.” Everything’s already tired and tested. The best type of content is the one that your audience responds to the most and you’ll have to keep trying until you find the best match.

There are no formulas but gurus who have theories about the “best type of content” out there.

Whatever happened to authenticity and building a great following.

It’s sad that creation content has become yet another hot “how-to” topic. Can you really “poll” or “quiz” your way to the top? I hope not!

I guess that’s why content marketing is hard. Standing out in an overpopulated landscape takes a lot of time, commitment and heart.

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