Using a methodology shouldn’t change you, the person

If you’ve been a coach or a trainer for any length of time you sure would’ve been hit with the “that’s how we do this here.” Haven’t you? And trust me, it’s not just the coaches or trainers, it’s technically everyone who’s working for someone or is part of an organization or community.

While I definitely think working with some kind of “methodology” is good, I just won’t accept the fact that I’m married to it. You can’t cling on to the “that’s how we do it here” when the shit hits the ceiling! That’s insane! Yet, professionals do it! I believe that’s just being unethical and demonstrates a general lack of commitment towards the client’s goals or the situation at hand.

Every community you’re a part of has its own set of rules and methodologies that it would want to follow. The best among them embrace new ideas and encourage further exploration into the better aspects outside their “walled” garden. The worst of them (which is like 90% of them) would stick to their methodology. Not only do I think it’s not fair to the client and the community at large, I think it simply restricts its members to exercise any creativity!

I’ve been part of professional associations, non-profit organizations, and training communities that emphasized on their “methodologies.” While I accepted that to get going at first, I couldn’t help but find my own “voice” eventually. And friends, when that happens you begin to see things in a different light. You being to question things, experiment with ideas and even do something totally unconventional. And trust me, that’s so much fun. Why? Because when you find your voice, you learn what it means to be free and enjoy that freedom.

There’s no ONE way of doing things. There are many. In fact, close to 8 billion ways of doing things. Because you’re unique. Truly one of a kind. Sure, it’s great to start off with a methodology but you need to find your own voice and explore what it would take to break out of that “walled” garden. There’s so much more to see out there!

I used a methodology to learn how to speak in public. But kept going back to my natural way of speaking because I liked to “talk” than speak. And since the audience responded well, I kept doing that. Of course, I didn’t win awards but who gives a damn about that? I sure don’t.

Likewise, I used to have a coaching methodology. I think I still do but it’s inside of my head, compiled from several sources and a version that I can truly say is mine. I’m happy to share it with the world but it’s not something I would want everyone to practice. Because it’s my methodology. Not yours. And the only way you can use it by owing it, which means you will have to tweak it till it becomes part of the natural self. That’s what owing something means.

I like famous strength coach Mark Rippetoe’s explanation on the Texas Method (an intermediate strength training program), “We call the program The Texas Method because we are in Texas and it’s a Method – a very good one that has proven itself for years.” He also states that like all methods there comes a point when it’s no longer effective. BINGO! Remember that. Always.

Don’t lose yourself to a damn methodology.

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