Who was I fooling?

A couple of days back I mentioned how irritated I was with a stupid cyst in my back that should’ve been dealt with in April/May early this year. But I was lazy enough to put this off to someday. Well, someday came knocking on my door and brought an infection with it too!

The doc summoned me for a surgical procedure this morning. It went well. Was painful though. But I’m feeling much better now. (And thank god aka almighty/infinite intelligence for that!)

In hindsight, I think this could’ve been avoided had I chosen to get that bump checked up when I discovered it. I’m glad it’s just a cyst and not some cancerous cell/body/material/whatever. They say prevention is better than cure. Heck, that’s exactly what I tell my strength and conditioning clients too! And yet, I failed to practice what I preach.

The big idea? It’s this — If you notice something out of the ordinary (in your body, work, life or relationships), get it checked out by an expert.

What was I thinking? I’m not too sure. Perhaps, I fooled myself to think that buying time will get rid of the problem. That’s ignorance, isn’t it? Boy, did I pay a price for that! I guess life’s got pretty interesting ways to teach a lesson or perhaps ingrain it one’s soul. And I have finally learned it well.

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