Travel, realistically

That’s been a dream for me, honestly. I make grand plans each time I have to go out of town. And almost everytime I end up accomplishing a mere 10% of what I had anticipated (I’m not talking about work). Too bad for someone who is so pedantic about productivity and efficiency.

My schedule had four client meetings and three personal connects with my friends. The clients couldn’t make it due to legit reasons but I could only meet a friend! And the whole day is gone! I’m at the airport now and feel miserable for not having accomplished much. Though, I know better.

Traffic might’ve been a major detriment in Bengaluru but I usually don’t achieve much when I visit other cities either. And I might’ve mentioned this before — my idea of travel is pretty simple:

  1. Wake up and read
  2. Train
  3. Breakfast
  4. Head out to the first of the 10 places to visit
  5. Come back to the hotel after visit #2. I’m tired and I need to rest.
  6. Have lunch
  7. Spend the whole damn day browsing the internet and reading cool stuff… And perhaps some work (although I’m on leave) including conference calls with some of my colleagues just to check what’s going on…
  8. Dinner
  9. Read for like an hour
  10. Watch a documentary or an episode of whatever series I’m watching
  11. Sleep

Alright, please don’t judge me based on this list. I usually have good intentions. But I guess I’m lazy and need to taper my own expectations.

Maybe I need to get a life and let go of certain things (work), I wish that came easy.

Perhaps traveling with a partner will be a good idea. But I’m not sure how pleased would I be if they drag me around the city. Ouch!

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