Get specific!

Found this nugget from Derek Siver’s website. A great reminder for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small & medium business who want to take on the world but fail to get to anyone (or anyone “getting” them) when they just have to get a little specific.

A little specificity hasn’t hurt anyone. It’s applicable to your niche, offerings and even the kind of content you want to produce to supercharge your marketing efforts. The problem? It’s hard work. And will make you want to rip the hair off of your head!

How do you get specific? Derek recommends two ways:

#1: Write down every detail you know. Inside your head, there is more than you’ve said. Take the time to write it all down.

When you have a vague or distant goal — like “be a great singer” or “make a million from my music” — break it down into specific ingredients. Describe concrete milestones, and exactly how to reach them. Then break those down into actions that you can start doing today.

When you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, figure out your next step. Even something as simple as finishing a song is easier when you realize exactly what’s wrong.

When you hire someone to help you, write down absolutely everything you need them to do. Include every detail of every step, and your philosophy too.

#2: Research what you don’t know.

Most people know what they want, but don’t know how to get it. When you don’t know the next step, you procrastinate or feel lost. But a little research can turn a vague desire into specific actions.

— Sivers, Get Specific

Still confused about your next step? Break it down and get specific!


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